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"Checks And Balances

Glenn Greenwald was one of the many who said very nasty things about how George Bush violates the Constitution with his drone strikes and... well, you know the list. Glenn Greenwald is one of the very few who is still complaining now that all those things are done by Obama.

Few things that need repeating as often as possible:
From the point of view of how dangerous the abuse is, I do much prefer Bush over Obama.

Simple reasoning: when it was Bush, I was sure that any abuse of this power would be leaked and reported in the media. Any abuse however small and sometimes imaginary, - would be brought up and zealously pursued, and the coverage would be especially loud during the election campaign. That meant that there were some very real checks on that power.

There is no such checks for Obama. Instead of a many month long front page "BUSH KILLS PEOPLE" campaign, we get a one-time B-page story "Some are concerned about killing of a US Citizen". And then it disappears. And then there is a virtual moratorium on stories like this before the elections.

When the press works as a propaganda wing of the Party, - the abuse of power is not just more likely, it is inevitable.

Bush's critics that are silent now - did not critize Bush because they were genuinely concerned about Rights, Liberties, the Constitution, the Due Process and all that. They don't give rats ass about those things. They were using the war and the blood and all that, - to score political points. Their only goal was and is a political power. They have no problem with how wide and reaching this power is when it is in the hands of their Party".

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